This week at Farnham Mill we have been busy getting out in the garden, exercising, singing and getting creative and ready for easter.

We started the week with some light exercise as well as hitting the balloon around the room. This gets us reaching and stretching for the balloon as well as having a laugh too.

After such a busy morning and a lovely lunch, we enjoyed a hydration trolley in the afternoon. There was fruit, lemonade, squash and milkshakes this was enjoyed by all of us.

Tuesday, we enjoyed some sensory games, this included water painting, Jigsaw puzzles and different puzzles that we had to work out. All of these types of sensory games are good for us as they relive stress and are generally good for our wellbeing.

In the afternoon on Tuesday, we had one to one time with the carers in the garden. As well as talking to them it was nice to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful garden we have here.

Wednesday morning, we enjoyed a sing along quiz with Sarah. We all gathered together and sung the songs we used to sing when we were younger. As well as bringing back lots of memories, it brought smiles to everyone’s faces and joy throughout the home.

Wednesday afternoon it was time to get our fitness up as the parachute came out. We are always laughing throughout this game and we don’t even know this is a type of exercise because we are having so much fun.

As well as the parachute some of us enjoyed a spot of golf out on the balcony.

Thursday morning the musical instruments came our as we created our own music as well as listening and enjoying the music in the background.

Thursday afternoon we got out competitive side out as we enjoyed a game of scrabble this gets us all thinking and wanting to win at the end.

Friday, we enjoyed a mixture of activities throughout the day. We got to enjoy words games, garden walks, arts and crafts and lots lots more. This was a nice day as we got to jump from different activities as well as having a wide range of activities on offer.

Saturday, we got creative and made our very own easter bonnets. We got to decide what to put on them from the wide range of items to put on them as well as getting the free choice of the design.

In the afternoon we got out in the garden to enjoy the fresh air as well as reminiscing with the range of books we have and different items we have to offer.

Sunday was a relaxed day for us all as we had had such a busy week. Church service was attended by those who wanted to go. Others went out in the garden, enjoyed colouring, sensory games and the interactive table.

This was a nice relaxed day to end a very busy week.