This week at Farnham Mill we celebrated St Patricks day all week. Farnham Mill residents enjoy decorating cupcakes and biscuits, making their own hats and of course enjoying some Guinness and Bailey’s.

We started the week by getting active and moving as we enjoyed some exercise and sometime in the garden. Both ways are a good way to get the blood flowing and bring us all together.

Monday afternoon we got creative and made our very own St Patricks day decorations to put around the home. We made rainbows and made our very own leprechaun.

Tuesday, we started the day with some sensory games and relaxing music. This was a nice way for everyone to take their time with the daily activities and slowly come together on this rainy morning.

In the afternoon on Tuesday, we got in the garden as the rain had cleared off and the ducks had come out to see us.

St Patricks day!

Today we decorated our own biscuits ready to eat in the afternoon. We also enjoyed some painting and creating our own St Patricks day pictures.

In the afternoon a trolly went round to us all full of the yummy biscuits we had made in the morning as well as some Baileys and Guinness. This was enjoyed by all especially the Baileys.

Thursday we enjoyed different types of games. We played balloon games, target games, Jenga and lots more.

In the afternoon the fresh flowers were delivered so we got our creative skills ready and made beautiful bouquets to put around the home.

Friday morning, we got dancing. The music was playing and we all came together and sung and danced. The home was full of smiles and laughter.

In the afternoon, we had one to one time and this brought back memories from when we were younger and when our children were younger too.

I told stories of when I used to be on the naval ships and when I used to compete in races and of course win them.

Saturday, we continued our St Patricks day celebrations and we decorated cupcake cakes. We used green butter icing and either put sprinkles on the top or sugar paper decorations.

In the afternoon on Saturday the trolley went round full of the yummy cakes we had made in the morning as well as the Guinness and baileys.

The cakes were enjoyed by everyone and of course the baileys went down extremely well.

Sunday was more of a relaxed day for everyone. We had a yummy fruit trolley come round with different fruits and milkshakes in the morning.

As well as the church service for people who wanted to attend, afternoon film with lots of yummy sweet treats, garden walks and scrapbooking.