This week at Farnham Mill we have had a busy week. We celebrated St David’s day, celebrated birthdays, enjoyed the garden and all the beautiful flowers that have come up, exercises and lots of singing.

Monday was St David’s day. One of our fellow resident’s wish was to go back to wales and sing in the welsh choir again. We made daffodils, spoke about wales and if we had ever been there and our memories. For lunch the chef made us lamb hot pot and Pwdin Eva welsh apple and it was very yummy!

It was a lovely day full of celebrations for all.

In the afternoon while we were listening to the welsh choirs, we enjoyed some sensory games, colouring and time to enjoy the music and unwind.

Tuesday, we got up and danced and enjoyed lots of movement and singing. This brings laughter and smiles through out the home.

In the afternoon we got out in the garden and enjoyed all the ducks, geese and beautiful flowers that have appeared. Being outside brings happiness to all as well as getting well needed fresh air.

Wednesday we played some Jenga. This was another way to get our competitive side out as we didn’t want to be the one to knock down the Jenga tower.

This lady enjoyed one-ones with carers, calls from loved ones and the activities team. Calls and visits from family always cheer us up and we love to hear about everything that is going on.

Thursday morning, we played on the interactive table. This was a different way to test our brains with the challenging games as well as getting active as we stretch to reach the items on the table.

We enjoyed the garden again in the afternoon the sun was shinning and we wanted to make the most of the warm weather, as we never know when the rain will come.

Friday morning was time to get our green fingers ready as we planted lots of flowers and herbs ready for the summer. This brings us all together and brings back memories of our own gardens and how we looked after them.

Friday afternoon we played some golf, ball games and enjoyed the music that was playing in the background. We got singing along to the music as well as had a little dance in our chairs.

We made our very own daffodil biscuits in the morning of Saturday. We made the shortbread, roll it out and cut them out in to flowers. As well as flowers we created butterflies and love hearts.

We got reminiscing in the afternoon with our very own tool bag. It was lovely to look through all the tools from the garden as well as reading old instruction manuals. This brought back so many memories and got us talking about the different items and what they were.

Sunday, we made our very own spring flowers to fill the home with and bring lots of colour to it. As well as making our own flowers we enjoyed colouring, water painting, table games and time in the garden.