This week at Farnham Mill we had a big mixture of activities; we started the week getting active with lots of dancing and chair-based exercise. we sung lots of songs and got quizzed on our tv themed music knowledge. Garden walks were enjoyed by all throughout the week and we finished Sunday with a big celebration.

We started the Monday morning with exercise. Throughout Farnham Mill everyone got active in their own way. Some of us enjoyed dancing to the music, others enjoyed chair based exercises and I loved hitting the balloon around the room to everyone.

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some jigsaw puzzles. This gets our fingers moving as well as using our brains to try figure out the puzzle. Puzzles are always a nice way to end such a busy morning.

Tuesday, we got reminiscing and enjoyed looking back on all the good old days. We also spoke about our own childhoods and when we had our own families. It was nice to talk about it and bring back all the happy memories. We also got to paint with water. This is always a magical way of painting and therapeutic way to unwind.

In the afternoon we got to have a go at flipping the pancakes as well as eating them. This was full of laughs and enjoyment when someone acidentally dropped one or cheers were spread when someone flipped one over.

Wednesday morning, we enjoyed some painting and colouring. We got the choice of either using paints, pencils or pens and we all picked different. The pictures we got to paint were beautiful and full of detail so we all got to interpret the pictures in different ways.

In the afternoon we enjoyed lots of table games, this included dominos, puzzles and a jigsaw. While people were enjoying the table games, I went out in the garden to get some fresh air.

Thursday, we got singing, dancing and creating our own music in Farnham Mill swing band. We all enjoy music here and as well as getting us moving and toes tapping it bring back memories of when we were younger.

In the afternoon it was time to get back to nature. We enjoyed getting out in the garden as well as planting our own flowers and seeds.

Friday was a busy day we enjoyed word games which included getting our home manager involved. She did a game of hangman with us all about the theatre as some of us are missing getting dressed up and going to a theatre.

As well as word games, we got out in the garden to enjoy all the ducks and geese on the pond.

Saturday, we had a different day. We had a sing along in the morning to all different types of songs and also got tested on our tv themed sound tracks, some of them where a lot harder than others but we worked together and got there in the end.

In the afternoon we got smelling. The activities team had a trolly full of different smells for us to guess. Some of them where hard to get while others were easy to get. Some smelt lovely and others were not so nice.

Some of the smells were vinegar, oranges, onion, lemon, herbs and banana. This was such a different way to use our sense and get the mind going.
Sunday, we celebrated a birthday. One of our fellow friends was 100 today!
This is such a great milestone and we all wished her a happy birthday. We all sung happy birthday to her at lunch while enjoying a glass of prosecco. We also enjoyed some yummy cake in the afternoon made by our chef.
We all hope she had a lovely day and truly got spoilt.