This week at Farnham Mill everyone got involved and joined in with dancing and exercising. Everyone was having a laugh and joking around with each other.

Monday, we started with some exercise but this time we used pom poms. We got them shaking high in the air as well as dancing with them to the music.

In the afternoon we carried on with our exercises and we sung lots of songs as well. We put on the rock ‘n’ roll channel and sung and danced to all our favourite songs.
As well as dancing we started to create more valentines’ decorations to put up around the home.

On Tuesday we started the morning with a word quiz. We had to think of as many words as we possibly could with the word ‘love’ in it. This was very hard to do but we managed to get a couple.
As well as word games we hit the balloon around the room to get in part of our daily exercise.

In the afternoon on Tuesday, we played a game of dominos. This is a different way to get social with everyone as well as getting our secret competitive side out.

Wednesday we started the morning with some sensory water painting and colouring. This helps us unwind and relax. We had the music playing in the background which also got us singing along.

We made yummy shortbread in the afternoon. We rolled out the mixture and cut hearts out. We did have to wait for them to cook but luckily they don’t take too long and we got to enjoy them with our cup of tea.

Thursday, we had exercise for the heart, which consisted of lots more dancing and exercise to the music. As well as all of this we got out in the garden to enjoy some fresh air.

Thursday afternoon we sat down and completed some jigsaw puzzles, we also got to play a game of dominos and scrabble. This was an afternoon of brain exercises as we had to think and make sure we won our game.

Friday, we made jam tarts!
This got everyone in involved as we all had a different job to play. Some of us got to cut out the shapes while others filled them up with the jam.

In the afternoon once they were cooked, we got to eat them. we enjoyed them with a cup of tea or even a hot chocolate.
As well as enjoying some yummy jam tarts we had one to one time with the carers and the activities team. We got chatting about our families as well as the current situation. This was a nice way to unwind and have time to talk about us.

Saturday was a full packed day. We enjoyed exercise with music as well as singing along to it at the same time. We enjoyed lots of table games and different puzzles to test the brain. We also got to enjoy a game of scrabble and lots of sensory games.

Sunday was valentine’s day and love filled the home. We had a lovely lunch with yummy pink lemonade or prosecco as well as everyone received a rose, chocolate and a hand made card by the lovely children at South Farnham school.