This week at Farnham Mill we welcomed in the new year. We looked back at the new year and everything that has happened as well as looking forward to the new year ahead.

Monday morning we started with some exercise, we reached to the sky as we imagined changing the light bulbs in our houses. We marched down the streets where we used to live and climbed to the top of the mountains where it was ice-cold.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing time water painting. This is a time for us to unwind and relax. We also looked back at the celebrities we used to watch on the tv as well as listen to on the radio.

Tuesday, we started the morning with some sports. We played a little bit of inside golf, basketball or netball and lots of throwing and catching. This got us moving as well as using our hand eye coordination.

In the afternoon we listened to some relaxing music while we played dominos and lots of other table games. This always gets our competitive side out as well as having a chat with others.

Wednesday we enjoyed some jigsaw puzzles this was a good start to the morning and helped us wake up slowly and have a chat with others. We always enjoy puzzles here at Farnham Mill, they bring a sense of achievement when we complete it.

Wednesday we enjoyed one to one chat with carers, the activities and our fellow residents. This is always a nice way to open up about anything that is on our minds as well as talk about our past times and our memories. Chatting is always a good way to open up as well as remembering all the good times with our families.

Thursday, we got ready for the new year’s. We tested ourselves as we had a quiz as well as reminiscing about 2020 – good and bad. Some of us even enjoyed a nature documentary, this opens our minds to learning new things about the world and what is happening around us.

In the afternoon we treated ourselves to a trolley full of drinks. We got to pick what we wanted as well as creating our very own cocktails and mocktails. We all cheered as we welcomed in the new year!

Friday, we enjoyed the interactive table as we hit the paint and the berries that were floating around on the table. this gets us moving in a different way as well as using hand eye coordination to achieve the games.

We welcomed the new year in with some painting and talking about what we would like to do in 2021. Some of us wanted to go for more walks, some of us wanted to join in more not just watch others, and some of us were happy doing what we are already doing, but everyone wished happiness on their families.

Saturday, we had a good old sing song. We all got singing even the quieter ones. It was lovely for us all to sing and be together in the lounge. This brings back happy memories as well as creating new ones. As well as singing we created our own music and enjoyed the music playing in the back ground.

In the afternoon we watched a film as well as joining in with lots of table games. We played scrabble, dominos, chess and chequers. This was a nice relaxing time for us all.

Sunday some of us watched the church service and sung hymns and prayed for our loved ones. We enjoyed garden walks in the crisp fresh air, playing on the interactive table and lots of painting. Sunday was a nice relaxed way to end the week.