This week at Farnham Mill we have been keeping active. We have done lots of exercise, dancing with others, ball games and lots of walks in the garden. Keeping active is good for us all as it helps with mental health, balance and strengthens muscles.

Monday morning, we enjoyed some exercise, we all got moving in our chairs, we reached as high as we could and as low as we could as well as getting our legs moving. Some of us even got up and had a dance with the carers.

In the afternoon, we got creative and painted whatever we liked. Some of us chose to paint a picture but others went free-style and painted what we wanted. This was a nice way to end the day.

Tuesday, we played ball games. This varied from hitting the balloon with the woggles, scoring the ball into the net and playing a mini game of football. This got us all active once again and got us using different parts of our body as well as using our hand eye coordination.

We made snowflakes in the afternoon ready to display in the window. This brought us together around the table and got our creative side out as well as having lots of chats with others.

Wednesday we enjoyed sensory games. We had a number of puzzles to unlock and solve as well as having the nice relaxing music playing in the background.

In the afternoon we did some reminiscing. We looked back on all the war planes, tanks and ships. This brought back lots of memories for us all and we spoke about the times we experienced. We ended the reminiscing with a good old sing song.

Thursday was a quieter morning for us all. As there wasn’t many of us we played word games as this was the majority vote. As well as word games we got out in the garden and went for a walk but it was so cold we came in to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

In the afternoon on Thursday, we did some flower arranging. Every week we get a delivery of fresh flowers that we get to arrange ourselves and place around the home. This is another way to get our creative side out and display the end product.

Friday, we celebrated Elvis Presley’s birthday. We reminisced about him and his life, some of us even told the facts we knew about him. As well as talking and remembering him we listened to his music and created our own music pictures to remember him by.

Saturday, we got baking and made cheese straws. These were very simple to make. All we had to do is roll the pastry out, cover them in cheese and twist and at the end we got to eat them which was even better.

In the afternoon as well as making cards we got to try the cheese straws we made in the morning. They were nice and warm and very tasty even if some people may not agree with me.

Sunday was another quiet day for us all. In the morning we got to go to church and sing the hymns and pray for our loved ones. We also got to enjoy lots of dancing we all got up and danced away to the music. This filled the home with laughter and fun.

Sunday afternoon I went to the pub. I sat in my wheelchair and we went for a walk around the floor and ended up at the pub. The activities lady took my order and I had a beer, some almonds and a mars bar. This brought me such joy and I was ever so grateful for imagination played by the activity lady. This was a lovely way to end the week.