This week at Farnham Mill we have all been busy getting ready for Christmas by creating centre pieces for the tables, Stars to display in our windows as well as lots of exercise and walks in the garden.

Monday, we started with some exercise to get the blood flowing and getting us laughing and joking with one another. As well as exercise we enjoyed some good old colouring, this is a nice relaxing time for us as well as a social time.

In the afternoon we did lots of reminiscing and brain teasers. We had to try and tie laces into different style pictures. This was very difficult but we was all determined to complete it.

Tuesday we got dancing and singing. We love to sing here at Farnham Mill and it gets everyone involved even the ones who are slightly quieter.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some garden walks. We looked at the Christmas tree that our lovely maintenance team did for us. We also created our very own nativity scene.

Wednesday we had a mixed day with jigsaw, painting, painting stars to display in the window for the churches of Farnham Mill. We also enjoyed a mini history lesson of what happened on this day throughout the years. It was nice to hear the different things that happened around the world. #FarnhamShines2020

Thursday morning we enjoyed Farnham Mill swing band. This gets our toes tapping as well as the creative side to create our own music. As well as creating our own music we got to enjoy some reminiscing about the good old days.

Thursday, we enjoyed mocktails. The trolley came round to all of us and it was full of yummy drinks.

Friday was the day to get creative, we could either make mini snowmen, paint a Christmas picture or create our very own stars to display in the window.

Saturday we made table decorations ready for Christmas. It was very simple but effective. We created elves and Father Christmases, we painted a black belt for them to wear and stuck some cotton wool around the top and bottom.

In the afternoon the smell of freshly made mince pies wafted around the home. We had a lovely group of residents making the pies and after they were cooked, we all had the opportunity to taste them. Delicious!

Sunday morning was a time for us to join together for our church service. We also took the opportunity to have a walk around the garden. A lovely chance to chat to other residents.

Some of us watched the afternoon film, while others did jigsaw puzzles after lunch. Many visits have also been taking place in our new ‘visiting pod’. So nice to see each other without masks covering our faces and is a lovely way to end the week.