This week at Farnham mill we have been very busy creating poppies for remembrance Sunday as well as taking walks around the beautiful garden we have here.

Monday, we got active and did some exercises while singing along to some of our favourite songs. The balloon was also brought out and we got to hit that around for a bit too.

We also got to enjoy some puzzles and games in the afternoon. Some of us even got to enjoy some mini golf.

Tuesday was our residents meeting this is where we get to find out all the latest information about the home and get to talk about anything we want to say.

In the afternoon we reminisced about the things we have done here at Farnham mill with our scrapbooks. We looked through the pictures that where already in there as well as sticking in all the new ones from the following month.

Wednesday was a nice bright sunny day. We all got out into the sunshine for walks and watching the ducks. The gardener even showed us the ins and out of the leaf blower.

In the afternoon we played musical bingo, we had to try and get a line and once we did, we got a prize. We even got to sing along to the songs.

Some of us got out onto the balcony and enjoy watching the ducks from above as well as playing on the interactive table.

Thursday morning, we got our brains working with a giant crossword and a word search. We also gathered around the piano and played our own songs.

In the afternoon we got outside and looked at all the new beautiful plants that have been planted. They are full of colour and make the foggy afternoons seem a lot brighter.

Thursday evening was bonfire night and our lovely maintenance men put on a wonderful display of fireworks. We sat outside but we made sure we were wrapped up nice and warm with lots of layers and blankets covering us head to toe.

Friday morning, we enjoyed some light exercise as well as decorating the home with the beautiful flowers that got delivered for us.

We also enjoyed lots of different games such as throwing the bean bag onto a mat and answering the questions to a mini game of basketball.

In the afternoon we created and decorated our own poppies to put up around the home ready for Sunday. We also learnt that purple poppies are for the animals that helped us during the war.

We got a surprise visit from Laura’s beautiful dog too. This was a lovely surprise for us all and loved having her around.

Saturday was full of fun and laughter, as we got to enjoying more exercise and the fresh air out in the garden.

Sunday was another day of winter walks as well as remembering those who fought in the war.