We love having themed weeks at Farnham Mill – quizzes, arts and crafts based on the weekly theme and everybody’s favourite is ‘Chocolate Week’. We started off the week on Monday with a word quiz. We had to see how many words we could make from ‘Chocolate Bar’. We were very pleased with our efforts – 133 words. It certainly got our brains working before lunch.

In the afternoon we decorated ginger biscuits for the NAPA biscuit competition. We all got involved and decided to recreate our Mill Pond as we spend so much time watching the wildlife and seeing the seasons change around it. We decorated squirrels, ducks, butterflies and trees. We even had one big biscuit with blue icing for the pond. The best bit was eating it afterwards.

On Tuesday we decided to get active, especially after eating all those biscuits on Monday. We did Pom Pom exercises and balloon games and enjoyed walks in the garden. Of course, we also had a chance to visit the salon to have our hair done, something we all look forward to. In the afternoon we looked at our scrapbooks. Its great to look back at all the things we have done at Farnham Mill.

On Wednesday morning some of us decided to gather together to do colouring. This is very relaxing and also gives us the opportunity to chat and reminisce, and we all love a cup of tea to go with it.

In the afternoon we decided to play ball games – we all tried to score a goal ! The men were very competitive and had a chance to talk about their favourite football teams.

Thursday was another busy day at Farnham Mill. In the morning we had quizzes and games but we knew we could relax in the afternoon as Louis was playing the piano for us. We thoroughly enjoy getting together to listen to his playing and then sing along to some of our favourite songs. It’s a real treat.

Friday morning we played a little game of indoor golf – seeing who could get a hole in one ! As well as a fun game it helps with our hand eye co-ordination.

We were very excited about Friday afternoon; we made our very own chocolates. We melted chocolate and poured it into moulds to let it set. It was so hard not to just dip our fingers in and eat it. We had milk and white chocolate and were able to mix them and create our own luxury chocolates. What a treat ! I think we will be doing this again before Christmas.

The weekend started with some painting. It was all chocolate themed which was just right as in the afternoon we relaxed in the Farnham Mill Chocolate Café. It looked so pretty with spotty tablecloths and cake stands full of chocolate. How delicious to try chocolate milkshakes and hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. We also had chocolate cakes and ate our delicious handmade chocolates.

Our Sundays now start with a church service from the Badshot Lea and Hale Church service that they put on YouTube. We get together for prayers and hymns and is a very thoughtful time.

After a lovely roast pork cooked by our wonderful chef, some of us chose to watch a film – Lassie – whilst others did a jigsaw puzzle.

Its been a very busy week but we have so enjoyed the chocolate theme. Next week we are looking at Autumn and all the lovely colours that brings.