This week at Farnham Mill, our residents went to space. Everyone got to enjoy space-themed sweets and chocolates, everyone loved these and got stuck in. We also got to enjoy documentaries, facts and word games to gain more knowledge about space and beyond.


Monday morning the sun was out! We went for a little walk around the pond as well as going to the garden at the back to check on our tomato plants. They aren’t quite ready yet as they are still green but hopefully it won’t be too long till they are ready to pick. Once we had been for our walk, we sat down on the comfortable chairs with our tea and took in the sun.


In the afternoon we enjoyed some 60’s sing-a-long music while we enjoyed painting space-themed decorations. The music in the background got us singing and tapping our toes, some of us even got so carried away that we didn’t finish our painting. This was a lovely afternoon for all of us, the music was a great reminder and lifted our spirits.


Tuesday morning, we enjoyed some sensory games, these are good for our hand-eye coordination as well as memories as we have to try and remember how certain things work. We also got moving and did some exercises to music. This is always good fun for us all because as well as moving we also get the giggles and have a laugh with each other.


The afternoon was packed full of music, table games and word games. We could pick what we wanted to do this afternoon which was nice. I decided to do a jigsaw puzzle which I always enjoy and today I decided to do a city landscape one. This brought back memories of going to London and seeing all the sites as well as going to the theatre.


Wednesday we got the parachute out. We throw the balloons into the air and tried to catch them. This is a great form of exercise as well as laughing and having fun at the same time. We also played a game where we had to try and get the tennis ball in the hole in the middle, this is a lot harder than it sounds and gets us concentrating.


In the afternoon we had a treat, a trolley full of goodies came round to all of us and we got to enjoy spaced themed sweets and chocolate. We could either get a little sweet bag with a mixture or we could pick what we wanted. I tried a flying saucer as I had never tried one before and it made me pull a face from the sherbet. This was an exciting and lovely afternoon for all of us full of yummy treats and laughs.


Thursday, we enjoyed a game of balloon bounce, this is a good form of exercise without us even noticing. Once we finished our game, we enjoyed some arts and crafts, we got to create our own mini planets. I made mine pastel like colours as they are my favourite colours.


Thursday afternoon was a quiet afternoon for us all. We got to play a game of dominos while the moon landing documentary was on in the background. In the end we just watched the documentary as we were all so interested in it and how science is an amazing thing. This led to us talking about if we wanted to go to space and what planets we would like to visit.


Friday some of us went for a walk around the pond, we watched the ducks and watched their little legs work very hard. Then it suddenly got very dark so we head inside where we did a word game and quiz, as well as trying to finish the big group jigsaw puzzle.


Saturday and Sunday were very quiet for us all, we all decided to have a rest either in our rooms or out in the lounge with others. We had such a busy week I feel it has made us all very sleepy but nevertheless we made sure to get involved and have fun.


We had lots of one-to-one sessions where we just spoke about whatever we wanted to which was lovely. We also enjoyed films and documentaries about space and the amazing world we live in.


We get to celebrate chocolate week next and we are all so excited and interested to find out what we are going to do.