This week at Farnham Mill was our festival week, we travelled back in time through the decades reminiscing and singing along to the songs we know and love.

Monday morning was full of fun and laughter as we enjoyed our exercises to music as well as a quiz to test our brains. Exercise always makes us laugh; we never know why we get the giggles but this makes us laugh even more. As well as some light exercise we enjoyed hitting the balloon around this is also a good way of getting us moving without realising.

In the afternoon we got to enjoy lots of board games, this helps with our hand eye coordination as well as learning new games and skills. We also reminisced about the songs we used to listen too. People would name a song and suddenly memories of the song would come flooding back, it was nice to sit and remember and even singing the songs we used to listen too.

Tuesday, we went back in time to the 1940’s. Some of us were far to young to remember the 40’s but we learnt so much with a quiz, photos and lots of information. We liked the fashion information the most as we got to look back at the styles the ladies and men used to wear and we spoke about how it would be nice if people would dress like this now.

In the afternoon we all gathered around the tables and enjoyed creating our own top hats, bow ties and colouring pictures of musical instruments. Colouring Is good for us as it has a lot of benefits such as: maintaining moto function, hand eye coordination and a sense of accomplishment, and we do always feel very proud of ourselves once we have completed a piece of art work.


Wednesday, we started with parachute games, this is a good form of exercise for us all, as well as working as a team and having fun with it. Once we had finished our parachute games, we got to play with the sensory toys, this was nice as we had just been so energetic and this was a good way to unwind ready for lunch.


Dress up afternoon! This was a bit of fun for us all. We had a trolley that was full of different items for us to put on and dress up in. This was a funny afternoon and different for us all as it was like going back to being children again. We all loved it!



Thursday morning, we enjoyed water painting, this is very therapeutic for us and helps us relax and un wind. We also got to enjoy a word game this is a good way to get us thinking and help us work as a team. We love our word games here at Farnham Mill we always get over 100 words!


In the afternoon we got creative and enjoyed painting butterflies, we had to get our creative minds flowing and come up with bright and colourful designs. We also enjoyed learning about Elvis and his life, we learnt new things about him that we didn’t even know. Today we had a new puzzle to start as well, so some of us gather around the table and started this, it is a hard one this week as it had 3 different puzzles in one. But we are determined to complete it.

Friday morning, we had our residents meeting, this is a chance for us to gather downstairs in the lounge and hear what is coming up in the year and also our chance to get to say what we want if we have anything on our minds or any issues.

In the afternoon we had a game of ‘guess that tune’, we had singing and dancing and it was so lovely to remember songs we hadn’t heard in a long time. The scouts had also delivered some beautiful stones that they had painted and put lovely words on the back.


Saturday was rock ‘n’ roll day so we listened to lots of rock ‘n’ roll music our toes were tapping and we also had a dance in our chairs. While we were listening to the music, we enjoyed painting butterflies to go outside, this is relaxing for us and helps with our mindfulness.


We had tea time club in the afternoon, so we enjoyed lots of cake, tea and games. This is a good way of socialising with people that we don’t normally talk to. It is nice to learn about their life and interests as well as talk to someone new.


Sunday, we got clay modelling. We created tiny little creations out of playdough that we left to dry and they became hard. Play dough is a good way to get our fingers moving and working, it is nice and soft so it is easy for us to mould. We also got to enjoy games in the afternoon such as Chinese checkers, chess and jigsaw puzzles. Sunday was a more relaxing day for us as we know Monday will be busy for our Proms day.