This week at Farnham mill we travelled to Tropical islands one being Hawaii. We brought the sunshine to Farnham as we explored different islands, the cultures within them and the unique animals found on them.

Monday, we joined together to play a game of balloon bonce, this is always a fun game to play are we are always laughing and we have to use our hand eye coordination. We also got to enjoy some water painting, water painting is so magical and we always talk about how a slight drop of water creates these amazing paintings.

On Tuesday we got our dancing shoes on! We all got up and had a dance to some 60’s music this got our toes tapping and we just couldn’t sit still. We also got to enjoy some sensory games including the interactive table. This is amazing we get to make a mess with the paint without getting all messy.

Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed balcony games but we had to bring them in as it was getting very chilly outside. We also enjoyed a game of Jenga this is a nervous time as we don’t want to be the one who makes it fall. It was also one of our friend’s birthdays today and after lunch we all got together in the lounge as we sung happy birthday and got to enjoy some yummy cake.

Wednesday morning was time for our jigsaw club. Puzzles are sometimes of a challenge for us especially the one we did today as most of the pieces are bright blue. We also got to listened to some reggae music, this was different as some of us hadn’t heard this music before but it put a smile on everyone’s face listening to it.

Wednesday afternoon we all joined together round the table as we got creative. We painted sunsets and pictures of the rainforest. We made them bright and colourful hoping to bring the sun out.

Thursday was our Hawaiian party. We wall all getting ready as we decorated the lounge and the garden. We all got to wear flower garlands and enjoy the sunshine. This is always a great time of us as we all get together in the garden and have a chat to people that we don’t normally talk to. We also got to enjoy some delicious BBQ food.
Thursday afternoon was a lot more relaxed as we had such a busy morning with the party, so we sat and enjoyed some table games with the careers.

Friday morning, we got dancing but this time we got the careers involved. As well as dancing this morning we also enjoyed some singing. We love singing here and everyone joins in, its nice to hear the singing as it brings us all together.

After our lunch we all gathered in the lounge as we got ready for a birthday, we all surprised her as she wasn’t expecting all of us to gather around with cake and cocktails. I later spoke to her and she told me she had had the best day and wasn’t expecting the party or everyone to be together just for her. But I am glad she enjoyed her special day.

Saturday we were all very sleepy as we had had such a busy week with all the parties as well the Hawaiian one, so we had much more relaxed day. We got to enjoy sensory games and we learnt about tropical explorers that had gone missing and never been found.

In the afternoon we got to sit out on the balcony and play a game of Jenga and bowling. We had to be quick with the bowling as the wind kept blowing the skittles over. We also got to enjoy cake and tea out here which helped warm us up.

Sunday was another quiet day for us all, I think the busy week had caught up to us. We all enjoyed our Sunday papers in the morning either sat in out bedrooms or out in the lounge. Some of us got to listen to the church service which was nice to have on in the back ground while we read. We also reminisced on celebrities that we used to watch or listen to, we got shown a photo and had to try and work out who it was. Some were easy to remember but others where a lot harder to get.

We have all had a great week here at Farnham mill we have been very busy learning new things about tropical islands as well as keeping active with walks and dancing. Next week we are going back in time as we go through the decades starting with the 30’s.