This week at Farnham mill we enjoyed lots and lots of tea! Everyone enjoyed the warm weather and made the most of the garden and the outside space, where we enjoyed us for games and tea time treats.

Monday morning, we sat down as a group and got stuck in with a quiz and a word game. This was good for us to tested our brains and got us thinking as well as learning new facts about the world. We also got to enjoy some rock and roll 60’s music that got our toes tapping and we also had a little giggle in our chairs.

In the afternoon it was time to get into the garden and enjoy the warm weather. There was so many of us sat in the shade drinking tea and enjoying jam scones. We also got to have ice-cream which we all love.

Tuesday morning was another hot day for us all but we made sure we got our exercises in. We did some dancing as well as hitting a balloon around, we love playing this game as we never know where the balloon is going to go as it has a mind of its own. Some of us even got a trip to the hairdressers this morning.

In the afternoon we had tea tasting, we got to try different types of tea from peppermint and berry. Somewhere very delicious and refreshing whereas some weren’t very nice, I think I will stick to normal tea. This is also a good time for us all to sit together and enjoy each other’s company and sit and have a chat about the world around us.

Craft club! We love craft club here and every time it’s always something different and exiting. This week we got to design our own tea cup and saucers. They were massive to paint and we had to think very carefully with what we wanted to put on it. Some of us also enjoyed painting our own picture of a tea pot and got to design our own one.

Wednesday afternoon we got to enjoy cake as it was one of our friend’s birthday. While we sat and played chess, Jenga, jigsaw puzzles and ball games we also got to enjoy cake and tea. It was a very relaxing afternoon today as it was very warm of us all which made me very sleepy, but I made sure I joined in with all the games.

Thursday morning, we had the instruments out and got to make lots of noise in our Farnham mill swing band. This is also good of us to hear the different sounds and try and remember the names of the musical instruments. We also had lots of fun with the interactive table making paint splashes with out hands.

In the afternoon on Thursday we got to arrange the flowers to go around the home. We got lots of different flowers this week with all different coloured roses. We had lots of laughs in the afternoon with our carers and the activities staff, we were playing in the sensory room playing with all the different games in there as well as having a photoshoot with the love hearts we made back in February.

Friday morning was a lot cooler and we were all ready to take on the morning. We all did a lot this morning, we played with the sensory toys, danced to the music and got to test our brains with a general knowledge quiz. It was also one of our friend’s birthdays so were was all getting ready for the afternoon of celebrating with cake and fizz.

In the afternoon we all sat in a big group and enjoyed our friend’s birthday celebrations. We sung happy birthday to her and enjoyed lots of cake. We also got to look through lots of photos of ourselves and our memories we have made here at Farnham mill. We had a laugh with each other as some of the photos we were not ready for and we were pulling silly faces. I had a lovely afternoon laughing away with all my friends.

Saturday morning was VJ day so we had a day of celebrating this very important and special day. We reminisced with music, newspapers and photos from the time as well as played board games and spoke about when we were younger and the memories of being younger. We also enjoyed time with the careers, doing jigsaw puzzles and decorating big wooden love hearts that we are going to give to our families when we see them next. Today was a lovely day of reminiscing and being together, like one big family.

Sunday was a much more relaxing day of us all, we enjoyed the interactive table, music that was nice and relaxing to listen to and a good old word search. We love our word games we love testing our brains and we try and beat our score from previous times. We have had such a busy week this week and we have enjoyed every day very much as well as the sun shining, we just hop is nice next week so we can get back out in the garden.