Cheers! Salud!

This week at Farnham Mill was Beer festival week. All the residents here at Farnham Mill learnt about the different pubs in the area as well as reminiscing about the pubs they used to go to. They also got to try beer from around the world as well as some locally brewed beer.

On Monday we enjoyed poetry club, we love poetry club here and we all get involved to create our own one. This week as it was beer festival week, we set our poem about going to the pub but we set it around Christmas time as this is when we all felt we went to the pub the most. Below is the poem we all sat and wrote together.

Visit to the Pub

It was Christmas Eve and snowing outside

As I opened the door to go inside

The fire was burning so I came out of the storm

My friends were at a table, cosy and warm

They’d had a few

So I joined the queue.

The barmaid winked as she poured my drink

So I sat down with my friends and our glasses clinked

We all said cheers as we supped our beer

It was a merry night for all of us here.

A tray of mince pies was placed on our table

We’ll get through these if we are able

Another round, whose turn is it to buy

It’s mine, I cried, as I catch the barmaid’s eye.

The carols we sing as the drinks she brings

Helps Christmas along with a merry swing

We finish our drinks and look up to the sky

Just as Father Christmas flies by !

Poem written by the resident’s, 3 August 2020: Norman, David, Marie, Di, Ruth, Margaret and Jeanette

In the afternoon we all sat together around the table and enjoyed arts and crafts club. We all created Butterflies to go outside in our visiting area. This we loved as we could all create our own butterfly and how we see them in the world.

On Tuesday the hair dresser came to visit us, we were all very excited to get our hair cut and styled. While we were waiting for our turn at the hair dressers we got to enjoy some games out on the balcony, it was nice to enjoy the fresh air without being to hot in the sun.

In the afternoon as it was such a nice day, we went outside to make the most of the sun. I made sure all the plants were watered as we have lots of tomatoes growing and I didn’t want them to shrivel up. Some of us also enjoyed the pond out the back watching the ducks as they swam past. Once we had enjoyed the sun, we all came back in as it was very warm out, we enjoyed a game called ‘what’s in the bag’ this made us think and guess what was hiding in the bag. It was lots of fun as well as challenging for our brains.

On Wednesday we enjoyed relaxing time playing with lots of sensory toys as well as making lots of noise with the musical instruments. We also sat down with one another and created our very own beer bottles and labels. Some of us went original with green bottles and simple labels where I went full out and created my own crazy bottle design.

We all enjoyed dancing with the careers, we all had a laugh as well as getting in our daily exercising. It was nice to have a dance as well as a sing a long with the music playing the back ground.

Thursday morning, we sat as a group and reminisced about the pubs we used to go to and also how they have changed over the years, some aren’t even pubs anymore. We also joined table games some of played dominos and some of us put puzzles together.

In the afternoon on Thursday we had a good old sing a long and had lots of music playing. This is so much fun we all get involved even the ones who normally are quiet, they join in with us and it put a smile to my face.

On Friday it was the big day of beer tasting we was all very excited but we had to wait till the afternoon so in the mean time we enjoyed a word finder, hangman and dancing. We found over 200 words! This was the biggest target we have ever reached and we were all so proud of our selves.

After lunch it was time for the beer tasting we all sat outside in the shade waiting in anticipation. We all got to try some beer but I wasn’t a fan of the beer so I got a fruity cocktail instead which was so lovely and refreshing.

Saturday was another hot day but we had just been told we was going to have a BBQ and how was were all so happy we all love a BBQ as we get together and sit and enjoy the time outside. But in the meantime, we did a giant crossword and went for walks out in the garden, we took it easy in the morning as we new in the afternoon we were going to play lots of pub games.

Then the BBQ time came and we all gathered outside the tables were all set out amazing they had polka dot table cloth, music was playing and the smell of the BBQ was sweeping through the home. We all sat at the table and waited for our food to arrive. Once our food had gone down, we enjoyed the pub games, we played darts, pool, dominos and lots lots more.

Sunday came around very fast for us, its been such a busy week full of fun and laughter. Sunday was a rest day of us all, I was very sleepy but I made sure I joined in with the activities that was going on. It was very warm of us all to so we made sure to drink lots and we even got to enjoy some nice cold ice-cream