This week at Farnham Mill we have continued our travels as we went to Spain. Spanish food and drink were tasted through-out the week, as well as music enjoyed and danced to and lots of new information absorbed by all.

On Monday morning we enjoyed exercises and dancing to Spanish music, it was full of fun and laughter as we all enjoyed music we had never heard before. We also got to play along to the music with our own musical instruments. In the afternoon we got messy in art club as we painted Spanish themed pictures from red hot chillies to flamenco dancers.

Tuesday morning, we enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles from around the world, it was a good puzzle for us all to enjoy, we also talked about the countries we have all visited. We all sat down with our tea and biscuits and enjoyed a word quiz. We had to find as many words as we could out of ‘beach of Madrid’ we found over 130 words; we were all shocked of how many we could find.

In the afternoon, we sat outside and enjoyed watching the ducks. We noticed we had a few more ducklings, so we sat there and made sure they were safe from the bigger ducks. We had a lovely afternoon of learning about Spain and the different traditions they have. We also had time for a game of dominos.

Wednesday morning, we had a lovely time dancing to the music, we were laughing and all having the best time, it was a lovely start to our morning. Some us also got to have one on one time with our new activity’s lady, she sat with us and got to know all about us over a nice cup of tea.

Wednesday after lunch we sat down and got to try different tapas foods. Some of them where lovely but there is also some that we didn’t enjoy, but I’m glad we tried them all. It was nice for us all the sit together and try these different foods as well as have a nice chat.

Thursday, we sat down in the lounge and tested our brains with a quiz. There were lots of different topics so it got us all involved and if I didn’t know one someone else did. It was nice to work as a team and also new facts along the way. Just before lunch we had a residents meeting and that is a chance for us to get know what is coming up and if we want to say anything that is on our minds, we also got a little drink which was a nice surprise for us all.

Today was also world friendship day and so we sat down in the garden and enjoyed each other’s company with treats, painting and music. We even went for a walk around the garden to stretch out legs.

On Friday we had Picasso Art Club, in this we got to create our own master piece inspired by Picasso as well as re creating his work. While we were creating our master pieces, we also got told a lot of information about Picasso and how his work linked to his life. We also got to enjoy water painting as well, I enjoy doing this as I think its amazing how some water on a page can make a picture come alive.

In the afternoon it was one of our friends 100th birthday, so we all got together and enjoyed cake and prosecco as well as having Spanish biscuits with out tea.

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a game of balloon bounce which is always good fun as you never know where the balloon is going to go and it has a mind of its own. We also sat and looked at books that had photos of which reminded us of when we were growing up, it was lovely to see all the photos and talk about our own childhood. I also enjoyed working out the different puzzles and tasks I was set.

We got to enjoy lovely ice pops and sit out by the ducks. We also made sure the ducklings were all okay too, as we hadn’t seen them for a few days but they came swimming out behind there mummy and we all cheered.

Sunday, we had a more relaxing day as we sat down after breakfast and enjoyed puzzles. We also got to go out and enjoy the flowers and watch the bees, we managed to check on our tomatoes plants that we are growing and give them some water. They aren’t ripe yet but hopefully it won’t be too long until we can enjoy them.


We have all enjoyed our Spanish week we have all learnt a lot and have had lots of laughs, next week is beer festival week and we cant wait to see what is in store.