The week began with Monday and art and crafts with pasta. Lots of pictures were made with Spaghetti and different pasta shapes.

Tuesday started with some exercise to music to get everyone’s arms and legs waving and tapping along.

Outdoors in the afternoon for some fresh air and a check to see how all the plants are doing and a time to look out at the Millpond at our wildlife family.

Teresa, the hairdresser, was with us all day and made some ladies and gentleman very happy.

In the afternoon we celebrated National Chocolate Day with a selection of all our old favourites including Dairy Box and Cholate Buttons. Big smiles all around as everybody tucked in and enjoyed choosing or guessing at which one to have!!!

A busy Wednesday morning looking at the famous landmarks, artists and famous figures from Italy. Time to rember Monet and Michaelangelo.

After lunch, time for some butterfly catching at the interactive table and no nets needed. Beautiful blue and pink butterflies.

Thursday arrived at the Mill and time for some exercise with a game of balloon bounce. As always, the green balloons proved a popular choice with the gentlemen. Afterwards the balloons were all captured in a huge multicoloured parachute.


Italy came to Farnham Mill in the afternoon with everyone making their own pizza to eat for supper that evening. Cheese and tomato with extra toppings of bacon and sausage. Lots of tasting was done along the way but most made it to suppertime.

Time to work our minds on Friday morning with a very difficult giant crossword. The residents put the staff to shame as some amazing answers were given to tricky clues.

Time to relax in the afternoon by the Millpond with a glass of Italian wine. Cheers to a happy Italian week!!!!

We also welcomed a new lady to our Farnham Mill family and we are all helping her to settle in.

The first day of the weekend arrived with a mixture of sunshine and showers. Residents gathered in the lounge for cheerleading exercises to Italian Music. Something different for sure but everyone enjoyed shaking and swaying with the bright coloured pom poms. There will definitely be a repeat!

In the afternoon time for Italian art club and the chance to make a Venetian Mask. Everyone enjoyed designing their own and then hiding behind it so a photo could be taken. Guess Who??

Time to relax on Sunday with a morning stroll in the garden

In the afternoon Dominoes Club met to see who would be the champion. Some stiff competition and a spectator keeping an eye out.

Those who wanted something less competitive chose to design beautiful butterflies with a collage of mosaics.