This week saw lots of Ascot activities taking place including a much looked forward to Ladies Day with a visit from the horses.

On Monday the residents gathered in the lounge to create a Royal Ascot Poem fit for her Majesty the Queen. After much deliberation and many laughs the finished article was proudly displayed for all to see.

Royal Ascot

It’s Ascot today, ‘Will the Queen be there?’

I don’t know, he said, scratching his hair

The horses are settled in the stables

The jockeys all ready, willing and able.

With their colourful shirts and riding hats

The Queen in her carriage said — ‘Oh, I like that’

The horses are in an excited state

Getting ready to go through the Gate

All bets are in place

For the start of the race

Red Rum gave a cough

Which started them off

So down the 8th furlong they ran, as fast as they can

The thunder of hooves and the cheering crowd

Everything seemed so very loud

The noise subsided as two horses collided

Which gave the Outsider a chance with his rider

The Bookies were pleased as the Favourites were out

And everyone agreed — it was a GREAT DAY OUT

Quiet happy times in the afternoon to enjoy some relaxing painting and making of bright sunflowers and rainbow coloured hearts.

Fun and games on the sensory, interactive table before a well-deserved cup of tea. 

Tuesday morning saw the residents excitedly start making hats and fascinators ahead of Ladies Day on Thursday. Some beautiful and pretty designs were created. Outfits and shoes were being laid out ready. To match the hats of course!

An afternoon of Jigsaw puzzles saw two happy residents celebrate the last piece being fitted. Happy times with friends.

Special party times in the afternoon to celebrate a birthday. A lovely iced cake and a singalong. Happy Birthday to you!!

On Wednesday the finishing touches were put to hats. A bright green band will surely stand out tomorrow at Ladies Day.

Making the most of the lovely fresh air and warm sunshine whilst chatting with friends in the courtyard. Admiring a much-cherished pink rose full of happy memories and thoughts.

Finally, Thursday and time to celebrate Royal Ascot Ladies Day. Staff and residents dressed up in fancy dress, hats and beautiful dresses to all celebrate together. The horses arrived and everybody enjoyed stroking them. Sadly, the weather didn’t shine for us but happy times were had by all. Cheers!

Ladies and gentlemen wearing Trilbies and beautiful hats and fascinators. Time for a last-minute adjustment.

Happy moments with the Ascot Day horses. They were happy to be stroked and enjoyed all the attention.

Fancy dress and a gentleman enjoying the Ascot Day celebrations

In the afternoon Pig Racing was enjoyed by all. Lots of cheering and clapping to help get the Piggie’s over the line. Proud winners hung their medals round their necks and enjoyed a winner’s chocolate.

A relaxing day on Friday after all the Ascot excitement.

Time to listen to some soft music, chat and play dominoes with friends

The weekend arrived and Saturday morning brought time for some balloon bounce exercise and fun. A game of catch and passing the balloon to one another.

In the afternoon time to do puzzles with friends.

Time to catch up with post and letters from family and friends. Happy times.

Father’s Day arrived at Farnham Mill and lots of cards and gifts were received by our lovely fathers.

Happy times as a much-cherished card is received and opened with a big smile

Time to enjoy a special Father’s Day gift of chocolates.

Men’s club on Father’s Day enjoying some games and a glass of wine. Cheers to all the Farnham Mill Fathers.