As we were celebrating International Nurses Day this week, we started off Monday with our Poetry Club. After reading some poems about Nurses and talking about our caring nurses here at Farnham Mill, we set about writing our own poem.


Nurse, nurse, please take off that curse

Things cannot get any worse

Your experience could put it in reverse

With your skill and patience in all that you do

You’ll make sure we come smiling through.


When you’ve had a long day

And you’ve shown us the way

With a big glass of wine and a takeaway

You deserve to go to bed

And rest your very weary head.


Then in the afternoon some of the ladies helped make gift bags so we could present them to our nurses on Tuesday. Other residents chose to colour in pictures of nurses.

We also had some birthdays to celebrate – Marie and Joan – they both had a lovely day with lots of cards and gifts delivered in the post.

Tuesday 12 May, and the morning started with Michael doing his energetic exercises. We know how important it is to keep mobile and so we do our exercises along to music, It’s great fun.

Later in the morning our residents had a musical session with Michael – banging tambourines and xylophone. It reminds us of our youth and music lessons at school. We do make quite a ‘noise’.

Tuesday was also International Nurses day and after Sarah gave a little bit of history about Florence Nightingale and other historic nurses, we read out our poem and presented our wonderful nurses with their ‘goody bags’.

Wednesday morning and it was time to get outside for our Gardening Club. The residents are really enjoying getting their hands dirty and watching the changes in the garden. Its hard work though and often finishes off with a glass of beer to refresh them after their efforts.

Then in the afternoon some residents decided to catch up for a chat on the pontoon – lots of laughs were to be had.

Thursday morning and Sarah played hangman in the lounge – the theme was Body Parts and made us all think back to our biology lessons at school.

Other residents enjoyed some water painting – it was far more relaxing!

Thursday afternoon was busy with our parachute – we all love to try and toss the balloons out of the parachute but Michael keeps putting them back in! Its lovely and colourful as well and something we can all do together.

Friday morning and it was nice to be out on the balcony. We have lots of games that we can play in the sunshine.

Other residents went outside to see how many ducks they could spot on the pond. It was beautiful weather and so lovely to be outside.

Friday afternoon and time to enjoy our ‘in-house pub’. We were able to have a glass of our favourite tipple and also reminisced with some old magazines and newspaper cuttings. It was a very jolly afternoon.

Saturday morning and we had a chance to play table games. Dominoes and Chinese Checkers are a favourite, and other residents made use of our interactive table. So many choices.

Saturday afternoon was another opportunity to get together in our ‘Chatty Café’. It really feels like we are going out to a little tea shop. The tables look lovely decorated with our homemade vases and the choice of cakes is delicious.

Sunday morning and another opportunity to go outside and check on how things are growing in the garden. It really lifts our spirits being outside and listening to the birdsong. There are always a few jobs that need doing and with this lovely weather it’s important to do the watering.

After a very tasty Sunday roast dinner we spent the afternoon making our handmade cards. These are proving very popular and all monies raised go to the charity – ‘Families Supporting Care’.