It has been a busy week at Farnham Mill with lots of time out side in the lovely gardens or on the brilliant 1st floor balcony overlooking the Mill Pond with its variety of ducks. We have also had plenty to do inside. We love our Arts and Crafts, Cookery, Poetry Clubs not to mention our daily movement classes, music quizzes, bingo and so much more.

Monday the 13, we started the week with Sarah’s Poetry Club. The theme was of course Easter and after reading poems, we set ourselves the challenge of writing our own poem – I think we did a good job?

Easter Poem written by Farnham Mill Residents

Easter morning, after the chill

As we head to the church on the hill

All wearing our Sunday Best

A chance to look at all the rest

The families gather and the children enjoy

As they count their colourful eggs with joy

Chocolate for lunch, chocolate for tea

Hooray for Easter with the family

In the afternoon many of our residents enjoyed the gardens and were able to watch the ducks nesting in the duck house.

Tuesday 14 April and whilst some residents enjoyed a word quiz with Sarah, others played balloon bounce with Michael. It was very energetic. Stretching for the balloons is a great way to exercise.

In the afternoon we chatted away as we decorated jam jars and turned them into vases. They are just the right size for cut spring flowers and we used them to decorate the tables around the home.

Wednesday morning was Gardening Club with Michael. We planted some more seeds in pots. They were a bit fiddley but with this beautiful weather they will soon be sprouting and we can transfer them out into our courtyard with its raised flower beds.

In the afternoon we also took the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. Those who thought it was a bit breezy sat out on the large balcony with a cup of tea and a cupcake.

Thursday morning Monica lead the flower arranging for us. We all love to see and smell the vases full of fresh flowers placed all around the home.

In the afternoon we all played the parachute and balloon game. We have great fun trying to keep the balloons within the parachute and it also helps to keep us fit.

The fun and competition continued with some of the residents throwing their Easter Bonnets in the air to see who’s stayed up the longest!

Friday afternoon, our now favourite Pub, the Farnham Mill Arms opened its doors again. It was also Monica’s birthday so a great opportunity to enjoy a drink or two along with a slice of birthday cake.

We were creative on Saturday morning with Michaels Art Club. The men choose Pottery painting and the ladies coloured some gorgeous soft toys or just painted to relax.

Saturday afternoon it was time for a return of Sarah’s Chatty Café. We decorated the tables with spring bluebells in the vases we had finished earlier in the week. The tables did look lovely. We had some delicious cakes, cups of tea along with lots of chatting and laughter with our friends. As always, we ended up having a singalong.

On Sunday morning we received some lovely cards from children at South Farnham School. They had done a fanatic job and had been very creative with lovely messages inside. We have displayed them around the home so everyone got a chance to read them.

After our delicious Sunday Roast, some of the residents gathered in the lounge for a singalong before our Dominoes Club started. Despite missing our families and friends from outside Farnham Mill it has been a very busy and enjoyable week.