After a very busy December things didn’t quieten down for everyone long before we got back into our full activities programme of outings, quizzes, clubs and classes and lots of visitors and entertainers.

We started the month with our popular Arts and Crafts Club doing card making to replenish our Charity Card box. This is always a good chance to have a good chat.

Some of the residents played board games.

On the morning of the 2nd we had a trip out to the Princess Royal Pub where we like to put the world to rights over a cuppa or glass and a bowl of crisps.

In the afternoon the delightful Natasha entertained us on the top floor with a varied range of songs.

Friday the 3rd started with Table Top Games. Our dominoes club is growing all the time and on accession visitors join in too.

In the afternoon our Gardening Club, who aren’t discouraged by the colder weather potted up fresh herbs and seeds. These will be nurtured for use by our kitchen and the Cookery Club.

We also had the giant crossword out in the lounge. This is always a favourite of our group games.

Monday the 6th started with our regularly diarised 1 to 1 meets. This is a great opportunity for activities, carers and residents to really get to know each other and talk about what interests them.

Musical therapy is a big part of enjoying our life at Farnham Mill and we love to use the variety of instruments there is on offer.

Children are welcome visitors to Farnham Mill and different schools with children of different ages visit the Home regularly. Tootsies Nursery visit bring lots of chatter as they do arts and crafts with us.

Connie and her owner popped round for our Pat the Dog, Pet Therapy. She is absolutely adorable and just loves a fuss.

Visiting family and friends are always welcome to use the sensory games and equipment all around the home. They are a great chance to interact and socialise at the same time.

Pizza was on the menu for our Cookery Club today. Residents were given a range of toppings to make their own bakes, on the 7th.

After lunch the Folk Duo, Nev and Clare sang and played for us on the top floor.

On Wednesday the we had a European Themed day. We made flags, had a quiz and a talk. We also listened to different music from all over Europe.

In the morning our lovely activities team invite us to join them in chair-based exercises. This morning’s class was a little smaller than usual but we all had fun.

One of our trips out this week was on Thursday to the Lake House Tea Room. It was a beautiful crisp day and a lovely spot to look out over the water.

In the afternoon the delightful Chloe serenaded us in the lounge.

Friday morning our movement session was with the carers. We chose the parachute and balloon games and even had some help from a little visitor.

Our balloon game was followed by music and movement with Sarah teaching us some new moves.

On Monday the 13th our Art Club chose paint as their medium in this class.

The Greyhound Club also visited, to everyone’s delight.

Our Sun Flower Sensory Room at Farnham Mill is wonderful and on Tuesday after several games on the OMI interactive unit, we had earned a well-deserved treat of fresh ice cream from the ice maker.

We have buckets of fresh flowers delivered every week to the Home and our talented residents arrange them into bouquets and vases, which are placed all around the home.

On Wednesday we played several lounge games in the morning after a church service from our lovely Wendy Edwards.

Edgeborough School Children visited for Art Club, with lots of chatter as they worked hard on their works of art.

In the afternoon Billy Clayton performed for us. Billy always plays a very upbeat session.

We love to socialise in the lounges throughout the Home, there is always something to talk about.

Musical time was accompanied by our lovely residents, which gave us a real giggle.

After which we played musical bingo.

We had a trip out on Thursday morning to Redfield’s Garden Centre. After a wander around the lovely plant section we had a cuppa and cake in their café.

It was time to update our scrapbooks again. This gives is time to think about what we have been doing over the past couple of weeks.

For our exercise and activity session we played a lively game of balloon bounce.

To start our preparations as we move closer to Burns Night, we themed everything Scottish. The lovely Emma Ruth is a new performer to us and she sang some familiar Scottish songs which some of us joined in on.

On Monday the 20th we kept with the Scottish theme in Art Class with painting things like thistles.

The 22nd we had Scottish poetry morning, a word search and quiz…Ey Jimmy!

The lovely Jane performed for us on the 22nd. She has a truly beautiful voice.

The Men’s Club decided to go to the pub on Thursday morning.

Roger did his energetic routine for us on the Friday. Roger’s act is hilarious, as he puts on hats, jackets and wigs in the style of whomever song he is covering.

We always follow health and safety but the blue hats and gloves did start a bit of a giggle before our cup cake decorating class on Tuesday morning.

We had the “fluffies” or pom-poms out for our armchair exercises which brought out our inner cheerleader, on Wednesday.

Later that day we had puzzles and the OMI display out in the Sunflower Sensory Room.

Louise played a range of instruments for us on the 29th in the top lounge.

On Friday the 31st we went out to Badshot Lea Garden Centre. We wandered around the stands and pet section before refreshments in the café.

In the afternoon Gareth was our entertainer. He has a fabulous voice and we just couldn’t resist getting up to dance.