There has been so much to see and do during the month of November. Along, with our normal trips out, activities and performances, we had the preparations and the activities for bonfire night, Remembrance Sunday and the arts and crafts needed to get ready for Christmas. This has meant a calendar filled to the brim.

At the start of the month the Greyhound Rescue visited. These loveable dogs or now retired but still love to be out and we love their visits.

On Tuesday morning we started the day with chair-based exercises. These are good fun to do.

Natasha from Get Happy sings war time songs for us and with us. Her replica uniform was a hot topic of conversation too.

On the 5th in the evening the relatives and staff invited their families and friends and the homes neighbours for our celebration of Bon Fire Night. The wonderful kitchen team put on hot dogs and hot drinks. While the maintenance team put on an excellent firework display.

The morning of the 7th our trip out was to Redfield’s Garden Centre. Their Christmas display was already out and is spectacular, with so much to see. After a good look around we stopped in their lovely café for a cup of tea and a cake.

In the afternoon of the 6th we participated in singing and reminiscing with Wendy Edwards and St John’s Choir.

On Thursday Nev and Claire performed some folk songs for us and they gave out some musical instruments so we could join in.

On Friday we played a competitive game of musical bingo with the staff. With a box of chocolates as a prize.

Our Arts and Crafts club divided into 2 groups in the afternoon and while some the made greeting cards for our reception desk charity stand, the others made poppy wreaths for our upcoming Remembrance Sunday Service.

We played a rather boisterous game of balloon bounce for our morning exercises on Monday the 11th. This game always brings out a giggle from the players.

In the afternoon, the gorgeous Connie came around for our pet therapy visit with her owner. She just loves the fuss from the residents.

Our very talented Louis has us all joining in for a sing along, while he played the piano on the 2nd floor.

We had a day full of games and activities on Wednesday the 13th. After word Quiz with Michael we spent time in the sensory room sessions. The OMI machine has so many different games that there is something for everyone.

For our outing this week we chose to go to Bagshot Lea Garden Centre. After wondering around the Stands and the pet section we had a welcome cup of tea in the coffee shop.

Chloe came to sing Wartime songs as a nod to Remembrance Sunday on the 14th.

Friday morning we started our Christmas preparations with Christmas based arts and crafts.

While in the afternoon one of our regular VIP performers Gareth came to sing for us and his songs always bring a smile to our faces.

Monday the 18th the Arts and Craft Club chose painting for their group. Some of the artwork from our very talented residents was truly stunning.

The adorable children from Tootsies Nursery School brough lots of chatter as they spent some time visiting and doing crafts with our residents.

The children show off the bird they’ve made to the other residents.

On the 19th the sensory table was in demand as the residents tried the various activities.

While some of the residents went on a trip to the Princess Royal Pub for a drink and a chat.

While Stacey performed for us on the top floor. We just couldn’t resist a dance.

On Wednesday the 20th, The Queen of Hearts She Made Some Tarts, was the theme for our Cookery Club, when they made delicious jam tarts for us to enjoy with our afternoon tea.

Memory Lane Singer Paul Ticknor always gives his songs a funny lyrical twist, for a giggle from the residents.

On the 21st the Farnham Mill Christmas Fayre preparations moved on to making Ginger Bread Houses. The residents started decorating the walls and roofs with icing, smarties, jelly tots and sprinkles. They also started to decorate the mini Christmas Cake made by our talented Chef Lorraine.

Music and movement started the day on the 25th, with a full class on the second floor.

The talented Phil Harmonic played a range of instruments for us in the afternoon of the 26th.

On the 27th we started decorating the dozen or so, different sized trees for the home. Many of the residents loved helping while chatting and telling their past Christmas stories to everyone.

On Thursday the 28th we visited the lovely Lake House Tea Room.

In the morning of the 29th we joined the many different activities in the sensory room. On of which was the bubble machine.

In the afternoon the activities team held the Farnham Mill Christmas Craft Fair. Where many of the crafts the residents had made throughout the month were for sale. Over £650 was raised for the charity Families Supporting Care. Well done everyone.