Along with our normal busy activities programme of trips out, entertainers, games and interests and pastimes the residents and staff prepared arts and crafts and games themed around Halloween.

At the beginning of the month we received a new motion activation unit that has lots of different games and activities. It is so simple to use the residents use it regularly. It is lovely to see their grandchildren get in on the games too.

On the 1st the activities team put together an interesting class and quiz on the History of Coffee and Coffee chocolates.

Then in the afternoon they lead the residents in a joyous sing along with actions.

On the 2nd the morning began with armchair excersise. These are always such good fun and everyone loves to get involved.

One of our regular entertainers the lovely Chloe came to sing for us in the afternoon.

On Thursday the 3rd we had our weekly trip out. This time the residents chose to go to the Lake House Tea Room. It was a lovely day so we spend some time outside looking out over the water before going in for a warming cup of tea and a cake.

In the afternoon the very talented Rock Choir came and performed for us. They were wonderful to hear with so many voices in unison.

On Friday the 4th the Art Club with Michael, the residents choose 2 activities. One being painting and the other colouring cushions.

Every week we have a delivery of buckets of fresh flowers to the home. These are then put into vases or lovely arrangements by our talented residents in the Flower and Gardening Club.

On the afternoon of Monday the 11th we did some designs for the reminiscent scrap books with are putting together.

On Tuesday the children from Tootsies made play doe faces with the residents. Of course each one was a winner.

As part of our dignity and diversity pledge, on Wednesday the 13th our carers and nurses shared some of their favourite food and explain the different herbs and spices that are commonly used. Some of the staff also dressed in their countries traditional costumes and performed a traditional dance.

The 14th as part of everyday staff and residents have specially allocated one on one time. This is a great opportunity to really get to know and bond with our lovely residents.

On Thursday our regular trip out this week as to the Princess Royal Pub. It was a lovely day so the we were able to be outside for our visit.

The arts and crafts club were joined on Monday the 14th by some family friends. We always enjoy spending time and doing activities with visitors too.

On Monday in the afternoon we had a game of balloon bounce which always brings out a giggle.

Tuesday the 15th began with cupcake decorating. Everyone had their own design and these were then enjoyed with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

On the 2nd floor some relatives and friends joined us for a performance by Gareth.

We couldn’t resist a dance to the rock and roll numbers.

Once a month on a Wednesday Wendy Edwards comes to the home and gives a Church Service for the residents who choose to attend.

On Thursday the 17th we had our weekly trip out. This time we wanted to go to Redfield’s Garden Centre. It is lovely to look around the displays and go for a cuppa in the café.

Rebecca joined us to sing and perform on the afternoon of the 18th.

The 21st a large group of us played Musical Bingo. This is really good fun.

After which, Nev and Claire performed a duet for us. They are very talented.

The Art Club on Wednesday 23rd October got together and made some lovely cards. These are then placed on the reception desk to raise funds for our favourite Charity Families Supporting Care.

The Memory Lane Singers gave a fabulous performance that was enjoyed by everyone after lunch.

Before the residents meeting on the 24th we played board games, dominoes and made up puzzles.

Bright Horizons Nursery Visit with us regularly and on Friday the 25th the crafts were out with a very autumn theme with a leaf collage. The residents love to chat and help the youngsters.

Heading towards the end of the month preparations for Halloween started in earnest and on the 28th we started making the decorations for our Trick or Treat celebration on the 31st.

Connie the dog from Pet Therapy came around the home and visited with each resident. She is a much loved, friendly dog.

On the 29th Stephano performed a medley of our best loved dance tunes.

On the morning of the 30th our craft activity was pumpkin decorating, so they were all ready for Halloween.

The 31st Halloween has arrived! Before the Trick or Treat celebrations with residents, families, friends and neighbours. We had an outing to one of our most liked destinations, the Lake House Tea Room.

Staff and family dressed up for Halloween and our fantastic kitchen team made lots of tasty treats for everyone.