As the weather has been so lovely, everyone has taken every opportunity to be out in the courtyard, out and about in the grounds near the Mill Pond. The shady courtyard has been a welcome retreat.


On Monday the 1st of July the gorgeous children from Tootsies visited. They bring smiles and chatter throughout the home.


There isn’t too much for the gardening club to so at the moment but they still keep their hand in. Their work at the beginning of the year has really paid off now.


Garden walks are a daily occurrence at Farnham Mill this weather makes them all the more pleasurable to stay out and have a cup of tea and a natter.


Farnham Mill’s Singing and Music Club invited Louis to play on the 2nd. Of course everyone joined in for the sing song.


Our trip out mid week was to the Princes Royal Pub in the morning for a tipple of our choice. We chose to sit out in the gardens.


Martin came and performed in the afternoon on the 2nd floor.


The Arts and Crafts Club worked on items for our scrapbooks on Thursday the 4th.


In the afternoon the Men’s Club decided to go out into the gardens.


Friday the 5th brought a new treat. A Ball Room Dancing presentation. After which the couple showed the residents a few simple moves.


Zara the dog come for her weekly visit on Monday. Everyone is getting to know her very well now, she has such a lovely, gentle nature.


We have beautiful fresh flowers delivered every week to Farnham Mill and some of the residents gather round together to make lovely displays that are places round the home.


On Tuesday with the warm weather and we decided to take our ball game into the garden.


It was also World Chocolate day. So the activities team ran a chocolate quiz and chocolate tasting session with 6 different chocolate and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Wonderful!


Wednesday the 10th our exercise activity was a sort of indoor netball. Everyone gets a turn.


The colourful Natasha from Get Happy Productions entertained us in the afternoon.


The weather was very very warm on the 11th so residents took shade on the balcony, patio and the shaded courtyard to enjoy some ice cream or a cuppa.


The pupils from Heath End came for a social. They are very polite, play board games and chat to the residents about all sorts of topics.


On Friday the 12th our trip out was to the Lake House for a cuppa and cake. There is a lovely view out over the lake, so some residents chose to sit outside.


Roger performed for us on the top floor in the afternoon. The is very comical when he sings.


Monday the 15th Alison and her team visit with her horses. The resident love to see them and the horses love the fuss.


On Tuesday the 16th we had a Tea Party in the Court Yard. Everyone joined in.


Our outing on Wednesday was to Bagshot Lea Garden Centre. After a walk around the pet and plant sections we enjoyed a cake with a cuppa.


Memory Lane Singing was held on the 2nd floor in the afternoon. It is such good fun singing along to all the old favourites.


The Men’s Club go together again on the 18th. They chose to do a quiz on cars.


A bit later in the day we do exercises on the balcony.


After a visit from the children from Bright Horizons in the morning, Chloe came and sang to us at 2pm.


We did some crafts painting a Mache model of our choice, on Monday the 22nd. Some of the residents visiting friends and families joined in.


Louis came up to pay the piano for us. He is very talented with his playing and singing.


On the 24th the topic for our word search with the carers was Neil Armstrong. It was a great topic for conversation.


We had some music and dance on the 25th with the Music Club Group.


The 25th, was a wonderful day for being out in the garden.


In the afternoon the Crafts Class was on Decoupage where we made boxes with jewels on.


On Friday 26th after some singing with the carers. We had our now famous Farnham Mill Summer BBQ with lots of friends and family joining us.