On the 4th March Spring arrived at Farnham Mill, when our residents planted up some indoor containers for our dining room. It gave us a chance to get our ‘green fingers’ out.

Pippa and Monica have a natter while they work.

Vic enjoyed this activity very much.


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Tossing competition is always a favourite. Well done to everyone as none of the pancakes got stuck on the ceiling.

This year which was won by Maurice but everyone enjoyed having a go.

Tootsies Nursery children came to visit which is always an uplifting experience for us all.

Keith Turner came and sang for us on the 6th. It is wonderful to have residents join in and some enjoy getting up to dance along.

On the 7th Maurice and Monica invited us all to join them in celebrating 60 years of marriage. A lovely afternoon with family and residents toasting their health was had by all. Our lovely Larraine made a beautiful cake.

Another celebration on 8th, when we celebrated Rosemary’s birthday

Louis played piano for us in the afternoon. We listen to his playing for the first half and then we sing along for the second. He plays all our favourite songs.

Monday the 11th we visited the blooming Badshot Lea garden centre. It was lovely walking around and looking at the lovely spring flowers.

Balloon bounce is something we do a couple of times a week, we encourage everyone to participate as it is a fun way to get moving.

In the mornings we often do a word quiz. On 13th we had to try and find as many words as we can from ‘March Madness’. We were very impressed with all the words we managed to find.

Leah entertained with her guitar on the 14th and this gave us another opportunity to sing along or dance.

Our weekly flower arranging session is a great chance for a natter and a cup of tea. Monica showed off her talents with a lovely floral display.
The 15th was an opportunity to play table games on ……. Draughts, dominoes and scrabble are our favourites!

Monday the 18th after seated exercises and Bean bag toss in the morning we had a lovely afternoon with Zara our Pet Therapy dog. The residents love hearing about Zara’s adventures from Russell.

Blossom painting was out theme for morning Art Club on the 21st. So many of our residents are very artistic and we created some lovely trees.

The afternoon say Andy Martin performed in our lovely 2nd floor lounge.

The 22nd was lovely out so we decided to our games afternoon outside.

On Monday the 25th we had our weekly trip out to the pub or the garden centre. We choose the garden centre this week. We wondered around the animal arear before going for a cup of tea and a cake

On the 27th we had our morning exercises and social on the 1st floor balcony. It was a beautiful day.

Father John visited on the 28th for Holy Communion in the morning and in the afternoon we had our regular enjoyable dominoes and puzzles.

There were more celebrations on the 29th Arthur and Audrey celebrated their wedding anniversary. Flowers and cake to make the day special.