Here are just some of the things we did in February. Starting the month with some interesting indoor activities and getting out enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the sunshine later in the month.


We started the month celebrating Dignity Day. We all talked about what dignity means to us and how it makes us feel. We created a ‘Dignity Tree’ and on each leaf we wrote something that signifies dignity to us.

On the 4th in the morning we had news chat, when the residents gather together after breakfast and chat about news topics of the day. In the afternoon Zara, from pat the dog came. She is so loving and everyone can’t wait for their turn.

On the 5th we had our visit to the Garden centre. We had a wonder around the pet and fish area. Monica and Maurice watching the guinea pigs and then off to the café for a coffee or tea and Cake.

Gwen admiring a fish at the garden centre

The 7th February, the afternoon Quiz was followed by Kathleen Williamson’s Birthday celebration. With a lovely cake for everyone to enjoy.


The 8th Feb, the ladies flower arranging group had a great opportunity to catch up and have a laugh. Monica was able to demonstrate her floristry skills and did a lovely floral arrangement in oasis.

After lunch we settled down to some lovely music and jigsaws and board games in the lounge and balloon bounce on the first floor for those who wanted to join in.

On the 11th Wings of Freedom visited on the 2nd floor. It was very interesting to hear a bit about all the birds and get a chance to stroke them.

After Seated exercises and Sarah’s singalong we started our preparations for valentines on the 13th.

Pippa and Monica designing some hearts for our garland
On Valentine’s day we put our lovely garland together. This included our names and our partners and loved ones. After which we enjoyed a delicious heart shaped cake.

The 15th, often during the day we all get involved with balloon games. A great way to keep fit and have a giggle.

On the 18th, the cheerful children from Tootsies Nursery popped in for a visit.

After lunch, Zara was back for another Visit. A regular visitor to our home on a Monday afternoon is Zara, our pet therapy dog. She certainly enjoys the attention.

On 21st we went on one of our regular trips to the garden centre in Badshot Lea. A walk around the pet department and then a nice cup of tea.

All enjoying a cup of tea and biscuits

This little dog caught our eye as we were leaving and we all had to make a fuss of him.

Towards the end on the month on the 25th we had a couple of painting and craft sessions, these give us the opportunity to relax and get creative.

Although February started off frosty we ended the month in a ‘mini heatwave’ for 3 or 4 days this wonderful weather gave us the opportunity to spend lots of time in our wonderful garden having walks or just watching the geese and ducks.

At the end of the month in preparation for St David’s day we painted daffodils and then made Welsh Love Spoons. We also listened and sang along to Tom Jones.