January 2019 Activities


Tootsies and Bright Horizons, our 2 local nurseries, came in to visit with us. They bring lots of laughter and energy to our home and we all love joining in with the crafts, colouring and stories. One of their visits coincided with Alison bringing in her dog, Daisy. The little ones loved taking charge of her and I think Daisy enjoyed the little treats she was fed too!

Irene helping some little ones make polar bears. It has been the right weather for them!

Ruth supervising the making of polar bears

All busy chatting and colouring.

Even Sahlee couldn’t resist joining in

Pippa reading along with a story

Everyone took turns taking charge of lovely Daisy, who embraces all the attention.


Fresh flower are delivered weekly to the home and arranging them into all the vases to go around the home is a weekly favourite activity the ladies really enjoy. It is a great chance to work together, chat and catch up.


Keeping snug and warm inside, so out-come the table games. Dominoes is a firm favourite of ours but we also enjoy connect four and puzzles. Everyone joins in when hangman is on – some of our residents even take charge!

Arthur, Pippa, Joan and Chris playing dominoes

Chris taking charge of hangman


The home was a buzz when the troop from Ukulele for Fun visited us on the 21 January. They expertly played some great songs. The residents loved singing, clapping and some even got up and danced with staff or each other. They did a great Eric Clapton number among the collection.

They brought in song sheets so we could join in or sing along with ease.

On Tuesday the 19th, it was full in the upstairs lounge as our talented Louis played the piano for us, with a medley of songs we could sing along to and some beautiful melodies we for us to sit back and enjoy.

Our favourite local Scout group visited us after supper on 24 January for an evening of games. We had a great time, with a large variety of games to choose from. They even taught us some new songs.

A great game of chess went on for a while.

Very busy lounge area, as everyone joined in.

Pippa enjoyed being taught a different version of dominoes.

The boys teaching us some new songs

Arthur playing Connect 4 although he started to get a bit mischievous, giving a boys different suggestions of how to use the discs.

Monica and Jean had a giggle playing Ker Plunk.

A mischievous Arthur


To celebrate Burns Night on 25 January we made lovely tartan badges for all the residents to wear and we decorated our tea trolley. For morning tea we celebrated the Scottish way with yummy shortbread and in the afternoon we had a special chocolate haggis made by our lovely chef, Lorraine.

Alison, Joan and Pippa busy at work making the badges.

Norman has a cuddle with out Burns Night mascot.


Alison brought in her pygmy goats for a visit on the 29 January. Our residents find it very relaxing stroking their soft coats and they are so calm when they sit on their laps.

Joan enjoys feeding and stroking Princess.


To finish off the month with something soothing. On the 30 January, John Talman came in and played guitar for us. A lovely, relaxing way to spend the afternoon.