The residents of Farnham Mill have continued to enjoy spending time outside in the lovely September sunshine. Whether it has been a walk around the grounds watching the ducks in the pond or sitting with a cup of tea and a piece of cake with friends and family.

Sahlee with Jeff and Maurice



We have had several visits to the Shepherd and Flock pub where residents have enjoyed their favourite tipple and a good chat, putting the world to right.

Alison, Jeff, Maurice, Terry and Joan

Tootsies Nursery School came to visit us.  A great time was had by all with the little ones singing songs and reading stories.  We are pleased to say that it is now going to be a regular fortnightly visit to our home.

Joan enjoying the story surrounded by the nursery children

Joan, Tom, Jeff, Alison and Pippa all listening with the little ones whilst Sarah reads a story

Time for them to say goodbye with Pippa and Irene


We had our first Summer Garden party and in preparations everyone joined in to make paper plate sunflowers (which was the theme) to decorate our home.

Joan, Peter, Betty, Jenny and Pippa

They looked good surrounding the pond

We always like to see the pets that the resident’s family members bring in.

The Summer Garden Party was a great success. We had beautiful weather and many of our residents’ families and friends came along to join in. There was a lot to see and do.

Joan enjoyed naming the cuddly toys for the ‘Teddy Tombola’

Richard with his family at the garden party

Maurice with his family.